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AR pistols are an excellent concept for those who really don't want to walk the NFA route with their builds. This particular build seems to stress low weight, and a compact size. The first thing that catches my eye is the rear of the gun. It's outfitted with a Shockwave Brace that's totally not a stock, but you can shoulder it. Legally. Besides that, you have the Law Gen 3 folding adapter. This allows you to fold the brace and downsize the gun.

Moving from the rear to front we have a Colt upper mated to a Noveske Lower. Sitting on top of the upper is a Holosun HS503BU Circle Dot Optic, certainly an affordable choice for red dot optics. The lower is outfitted with a Magpul grip, Battle Arms Ambi safeties, and the always excellent Geissele SD-E trigger. Moving our way up we have an SLR Solo 11 inch Keymod rail wrapped around an 11.5-inch carbon fiber barrel from Christensen Arms. Carbon fiber barrels are the new hotness in the rifle world and are priced to take advantage of their popularity.

At the end of the barrel, we see a Surefire Brake with Warden Blast diffuser, which is basically Surefire's flashcan. This is a must of these short barreled 5.56 rifles. The Keymod rails wear a minimalist Naroh Arms handstop and Honeycomb rail scales. The weapon is finished off with a set of folding Troy HK style sights for those moments you need to remember HK will never make enough MR556s for everyone.

Build Breakdown

  1. Noveske Chainsaw Lower  ($167)
  2. Colt Upper
  3. Christensen Arms 11.5″ Carbon Fiber Wrapped Barrel ($499)
  4. Shockwave Pistol Stabilizer ($49)
  5. KAK Pistol Buffer Tube ($20)
  6. Law Tactical Gen 3 Folding Adapter ($258)
  7. Geissele SD-E Trigger ($240)
  8. SLR Solo 11″ Ultralight Rail ($190)
  9. SLR T1 Mount Absolute ($70)*
  10. Holosun HS503BU Circle Dot Optic ($190)
  11. Magpul MOE K2 Plus Grip ($24)
  12. SureFire SFMB-556 Brake ($135) with Warden Blast Diffuser ($162)
  13. Naroh Arms Keymod Handstop ($37)
  14. Troy HK Style Front ($78) and Rear ($100) Iron sights
  15. Battle Arms Development Ambi Safety ($57)
  16. Battle Arms Development Enhanced Takedown Pins ($40)
  17. Noveske Raptor Charging Handle ($86)*
  18. Rail Scales 4″ Honeycomb Keymod Panels ($78)*
  19. Strike Industries Capsule Dust Cover ($16)
  20. Strike Industries Magazine Release ($34)
  21. Seekins Mag Release Button ($7)
  22. Seekins Bolt Catch ($12)

* Items may have been out of stock or discontinued at the time of this writing.

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