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When it comes to postmodern art, I usually shake my head at the pineapple on the floor someone says is art. However, this AR-15 pistol build strikes a chord with me. Maybe it's the ATX armory matching billet uppers and lower, or maybe it's the pseudo futuristic SLR Solo 9 inch MLOK rail. Something about this AR-15 is familiar but foreign at the same time. The machine aluminum Rebel EO grip oozes cool. The Battle arms ambi safety and the stainless Rise Armament RA 535 trigger give the gun some unique accents and aggressive lines.

The Aeroknox AE muzzle brake gives it a pointed look that fits in with the SLR rail. The rail is bare outside of the fitted front Troy BUIS that paired with a Rear Troy sight. Speaking of sights, this builder went with what I consider the best, a Trijicon ACOG as his optic. This is a pistol of course and rocks a KAK Shockwave brace for a little added stability.

If you look at the magazine closely, it really fits the gun, and it looks familiar but foreign. It's the same Magpul Pmag we all know and love but is fitted with a Strike Industries +5 base plate for 35 rounds of 5.56. This is certainly a rifle builder who spared no expense at making me question what's art, and what's useful. Maybe the line is a little thinner than I thought.

Build Breakdown

  1. ATX Armory Billet 40 (Upper & Lower Set) ($435)
  2. Noveske 10.5″ Low-Pro Barrel ($333)
  3. Noveske BCG ($186)
  4. Aeroknox AE // 01 Muzzle Brake ($110)
  5. SLR Solo 9.75″ MLOK Rail ($195)
  6. Rise Armament RA-535 Trigger ($246)
  7. Rebel Arms EO Edge Grip ($110)*
  8. Battle Arms BAD-ASS Ambi Safety ($57)
  9. BAD-EMMR Mag Release ($20)
  10. AXTS Raptor Ambi Charging Handle ($86)
  11. KAK Shockwave Blade ($49)
  12. KAK Buffer Tube ($20)
  13. JP Enterprises Silent Capture Spring ($162)
  14. Larue ACOG Mount ($135)*
  15. Trijicon ACOG TA31-G-ACSS ($1277)
  16. Troy Industries BUIS Front ($78) and Rear ($100) Iron sights
  17. Strike Industries +5 End Plate*, Forward Assist ($18), Dust Cover ($16), Takedown Pins ($15), Bolt Catch ($14), MLOK Covers ($8)

* Items may have been out of stock or discontinued at the time of this writing.

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